14 July, 2020

My friends bemoan the things they wish they didn't know about
Wipe it out, Men in Black style, they say
Wipe it out, make more space for things like poems
The ones some schools would make you memorize
The ones that say you must change your life, though you never do

I'm sympathetic, but I don't want to dwell on it
("Mice expending useless energy on machinery owned by somebody else")
I'd rather think about my world I try and keep small so I don't get lost in it
Like about how one of my favorite songs rhymes nice with nice
And to think of it just makes me feel nice

Last night I couldn't sleep and a word appeared in my head:
I looked it up, saw no results, and thought:
What a discovery!

Tonight I learned what I did not understand at the time
(Mostly, what the suffix "-logy" means)
I laughed at myself for my naiveté
Happy that the world keeps turning